Update for 2021

     Julie and I want to say hello to all our Wabaskang Camp friends. It’s been a crazy world we have all been living in the last year or so and unfortunately the next few months don’t look much better. On April 8th the Government of Ontario declared another State of Emergency that will remain in effect for the next 4 weeks, with the possibility of extension. This means the border will not be open for our U.S. travelers for at least the next few months.


  Julie and I have decided to cancel all May and June bookings now to give our guests time to look at alternative options for their summer plans. We will be closed to our U.S. guests from opener on the 15th of May through Saturday the 3rd of July which is the first 7 weeks of our season. I will be contacting each group that has bookings in the effected months to discuss options for this and next season. We can simply carry your deposit to the same week next season or refund it to you, whichever you decide.


  Julie and I plan on heading to camp in a few weeks to begin the process of opening camp and possibly booking some Canadian guests. The vaccines are slowly coming to our friends to the North and a late season opening to our U.S. guests is still a possibility. 


  We certainly understand the frustration and disappointment all of you must be feeling and want you to know how sorry we are. Not only are the camps all suffering but so are all the local Canadian business that enjoyed the patronage from our U.S. guests. Let’s all do our part to help control and end this terrible virus so our Wabaskang Camp family can soon be able to safely return to camp and enjoy the peace and beauty of Wabaskang Lake and Northwestern Ontario. Thanks again for your understanding

and support. 


God Bless,

Jim and Julie

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