August 15, 2021

Julie and I would like to let everyone know that after 23 years we have decided that it’s time to think about retiring.  We will be putting Wabaskang Camp up for sale and are looking for someone else to become the Camp Hosts.  The sale of a business like this can take years.  We plan on running things exactly the same as we always have and want to assure you that we want this place to stay as the “Best Darn Fishing Camp” in the future.  We are planning on seeing everyone next season and we will be sending reservations and the Christmas Letter as usual.  We felt we should let you all know from us instead of finding out on someone else’s Facebook page or in a property sale flyer.  Over the years we have made wonderful friendships that we don’t take for granted.  This letter is not a good bye but a heads up that we are finally realizing that retirement age is creeping up on us faster than we thought.

Jim & Julie

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