Week 7, 2022 July 2nd – 8th

Greetings from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week number seven of the 2022 season in the books so let’s chat about the great fishing our guests enjoyed. The walleye has slowly moved from shallow to slightly deeper water now, usually in 13′ to 16′ with exceptions in the early morning and late evening when the best bite is right up next to shore in 6′ of water or less. It seems jigs or spinners used with minnows or night crawlers are producing well but a few of our guests had great luck using leeches as well. Another productive technique was crank baits and medium sized plastics worked over weed choked bays and rock piles. We saw a huge number of trophy sized walleyes released this week, probably the most in one week since we have owned the camp. Rick Spindler, Scott Kletzien, Mike Lammers, Tim Bruns, and Jeannie Snyder all released 27″ walleyes this week. Jeannie Snyder also released a 28” brute that made her husband Kevin a bit jealous. Gene Spindler released a 28” trophy walleye and Rob Tharp released a 28” and a 28 1/4” walleye to impress everyone in his group. Kristy Lammers had a great week of walleye fishing she released two 28” beauties that made her husband “Big Mike” green with envy, he continues to try and spend his way to the top which hasn’t worked out well this season. The two biggest walleyes of the week were caught by camp legend Tim Bruns and a rookie to camp Tom Rens, both fellas released 29” walleyes after a few quick pictures, great job by all our walleye anglers. Our northern fishing really stepped up this week probably because we had a few real experts in camp when it comes to northern fishing. A few of the toothy critters were caught while trolling weed edges with spinner rigs and minnows or crawlers but the bulk of the trophy fish were caught casting it trolling huge stick baits, plastic baits, and spoons. Sandcats, Suicks, Daredevils, and huge Husky Rapala baits all caught fish. First of all, Mike Lammers never made the board this week for northern, two seasons fishing south of the border has really diminished his skills. Tom Rens released a chunky 36″ northern he actually caught while fishing for walleyes. Randy Adams is here for two weeks but he has started out great by releasing a beautiful 38″ brute. This week was a week to remember for Kristy Lammers. She had a phenomenal time catching and releasing giant northern. She mainly casts Sandcats and even though she was stuck fishing with her husband “Big Mike” she managed to catch and release a 36″ a 37″ a 37 1/2″ a 41″ and a 41 1/2″ monster to easily dominate the rest of our northern anglers this week, great job Kristy—-Sadie and Piper sure miss their walks with you each day😜 Bass fishing has slowed some but our guests still caught plenty of the bronze backs. Mepps Spinners and soft tube baits caught most of the fish. Our guests fished Rocky shorelines and weed edges mainly mornings and evenings. Greyson Riggs made his first trip to camp with his father Ryan and his first bass was a beautiful 18″ trophy. Jeannie Snyder saw her name on the board this week when she caught and released a giant 18″ bass. Joyce Adams usually catches more than her husband and this week her 18″ brute was looking pretty good until mean old Randy Adams made a cast and hooked into a trophy 19″ bass that won him bragging rights for the week, great job Randy let’s see what happens next week between you and Joyce. Not a single crappie was reported to us this week but I’m sure things will pick up again after the mayfly hatch is over.
Remember to get your license before arriving at camp and make us a copy if you print them from home. Poultry products are still being restricted at the border so pick up what you need after you cross into Canada. No live bait allowed from the U.S. right now so no night crawlers, minnows leeches, etc. Dutchies General Store sells licenses and bait along with groceries and souvenirs. Rainbow Point Store also can fix you up with all your needs. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is open and would love to cook you lunch or dinner Wednesday through Sunday. Also, dinner reservations can be made at Manotak Lodge for a great home cooked meal.
Plenty of rain and wind this week and a few trees down around camp. The lake has gone up 3″ on our end since the 8th of July but seems to be leveling off again now. We are moving along through our 23rd season but it seems strange not seeing many of our regular guests due to the border restrictions on vaccine requirements, hopefully we will all be able to put these trying times behind us and see each other again in the future. That’s all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang!

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