Week 16, 2022 September 3rd – 9th

September greetings from Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week 16 of the 2022 season saw sunny skies and warm temperatures. The walleye fishing was solid again this week with a decent shallow and deep-water bite. Our guests used jig and minnow or crawler combinations along with spinner rigs and Lindy rigs with the same bait combinations. Many of our guests caught walleyes using plastics or big crank baits or stick baits, everything seemed to produce good walleyes every day. Scott Pingel was new to camp but he was really excited when he landed a 23 1/2″ walleye. Karen Jutting released a chunky 26″ walleye she caught trolling a giant Sandcat lure, Larry Dorenkamp put the gear on the rest of his group when he released a fat 26″ walleye. Poor little Mike Lammers was once again crushed by his wife Kristy, Mikes biggest walleye of the week was only 26″ while his wife Kristy landed and released a beautiful 29″ trophy just at sunset one beautiful evening, great way to end a wonderful vacation for her. Our northern fishing was exceptionally good this week with trophy sized fish being caught by our guests’ using jigs and minnows and also by many of our guests casting crank baits and giant stick baits. Dave Lewis returned to camp again this season, he always puts a nice group together and we really enjoy seeing him, his best northern of the week was 32″ but it gave him a great time catching it, Terry Kramer released his 36″ northern he caught while fishing with his great friend Dave, Charlie Zender is a fishing nut and his 36″ northern he released really made his wife Vicki smile. Kady Mericle had a great week here at camp, she once again crushed husband Craig when she released a chunky 39″ northern, always love to see Craig come in second place to Kady. Brian Boevers made his second trip to camp this season, he really put a pounding on the northern this week. He released a 27 1/2″, 29″,37 1/2″, 38”, and a 39″ brute this week, he also skillfully guided his buddy Barney Wiersma to a 27 1/2″, 29″, 35″, and a 36 1/2″ northern to put huge smiles in both fellas faces. Brian also had his son in law Brandon Robinson fishing with him and once again he put Brandon on the fish, Brandon released a 29″, 31″, 33″, 34 1/2″, and a 36″ northern, all together that’s a lot of northern slime in Brian’s new boat 😜. Kristy Lammers decided she would take it easy on her husband “Big Mike” just once this season so she held back and her biggest northern was only around 35″ this week. “Big Mike” Lammers finally lived up to all the unjustified hype he generates this week, he released literally dozens of trophies sized northern with his two biggest being 40″ and 40 3/4”, sad to see him leave for the season but I bet the northern are glad to see him go!   Our bass fishing was sporadic this week with almost every bass caught coming from water deeper than 24 feet, most were caught using jigs and minnows by our guests while they were walleye fishing. Terry Kramer caught a nice 14 1/2″ bass, Mike Lammers was so excited to report he released a giant 19″ bass only to have his moment on the red carpet crushed by Brian Boevers when Brian reported releasing a massive 20″ bass, too bad so sad for “Big Mike” once again. We did see a few crappies being caught this week, small jigs worked well casted or trolled along weeds in Aerobus Bay or Keynote Lake. The biggest crappie of the week was caught by Craig Mericle, he landed a giant 14 1/2″ crappie to finally win top honors for something this season. Only a few weeks to go for us here in the 2022 season, the forecast looks great for another 10 days so our guests next week should enjoy more incredible fishing.  Remember no fresh poultry products allowed from the U.S. or live bait so pick up what you need after you cross into Canada. That’s all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang 

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