Week 7, 2023 July 1st – 7th

Here we are already through week 7 of our 2023 season. The fishing remains solid and each week we are seeing many trophy walleyes and northern being caught and released. The lake remains low but our guests are still getting around the lake no issues. Rain is in the forecast so we are hopeful and keeping our fingers crossed. A ban on open fires remains in effect for the entire area so a camp stove is required if you decide to have a shore lunch. 

Walleye fishing has changed a bit from earlier weeks with many fish being caught on rocky reefs and weed lines but the depth has moved out to about 17’, best fishing seems to be in areas being pounded by wind and waves all day long. A great presentation last week was a leech or crawler on a drop shot rig, slip bobbers and a jig and minnow also worked well. Colton Schroeder started things off when he landed a nice 23″ fish, Kelsey Koch released a 25” and 26” walleye on her first trip to camp. Kevin Snyder finally topped his wife Jeannie by releasing a chunky 26” walleye, Ken Schroeder still has what it takes to beat both his boys, he released a nice 26” walleye. Leyton Reints made his first trip to camp and made dad Tim proud when he released a fat 26” fish. Tim Bruns did not have his folks with him on this trip so he was hindered by a new fella with him, Dan Bjorklund is a decent fisherman but he is no Robert or Venetta, so Tim’s best walleye released was only 26” which is about 3” less than what his boat usually lands and releases. Ryan Riggs released a 27” walleye, easily the biggest in his group. My nephew Rhett Lammers had a super week of fishing here at Jim and Julie’s, he released a pair of 28” beauties to easily out-class the rest of the camp, let’s see if it’s a fluke or he actually knows what he is doing when he returns next season. 

Our northern fishing is really picking up now that the deep cabbage weeds are lush and green. Many nice fish were caught on spoons and crank baits, and a simple jig and minnow combination but we also saw huge fish being released that were caught on musky baits like Sandcats, Bulldogs, and Suicks. Chartreuse was a great color along with a perch or sucker color. Ken Schroeder released a 32” northern, Riley Neuhaus made his first trip to camp a memorable one, he was all smiles when he caught and released a chunky 34 1/2” fish. “Big Mike” was in camp unfortunately again this week, he is slipping a bit when it comes to giant northern fishing, his two best were only 35 1/2” and 39 1/2” this week which are good for most anglers but poor by his standards, maybe he needs another new Ranger boat to boost his spirits. Tim Reints used the stick baits his son Brandt made to catch and release a 35 1/2” and a giant 40 1/2” northern, great team work from father and son. The biggest northern of the week was released by Rhett Lammers he tricked a toothy 42” monster into slamming his bait while trolling over deep water humps, big walleye and big northern of the week not too shabby. 

Bass fishing was slower this week since the fish have moved away from the shallows and are more active mornings and evenings on rock piles and weedy points. Leyton Reints was excited to catch and release his 18″ beauty as was Dan Bjorklund, both guys really enjoyed the fight a feisty smallmouth bass will give you. 

We had a few nice catches of crappies this week, most up in Aerobus Bay with the biggest being caught by “Mr. Wabaskang” Tim Bruns, his 13″ crappie was something he wished his folks could have been here to see, maybe in August they will get to witness such an awe-inspiring event—-not, too bad Bryce didn’t catch it😜

Remember to get your licenses before arriving in camp and make a copy for me or I can copy them when you arrive. Also be sure to have a clean boat including and especially the live well when arriving at the border, the agents are concerned about invasive species and aquatic plants hitchhiking their way into Ontario waters and have the discretion of denying you entry if they find something that is concerning to them.

That’s all for now this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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