Week 10, 2022 July 23rd – 29th

Another week has buzzed right by here at Jim and Julies Wabaskang Camp. We just completed week 10 of the 2022 season and we are seeing plenty of trophy sized fish being caught by our guests. The walleye bite is transitioning from shallow weed edges to the deeper weed edges and humps and reefs in the 17’ to 24’ depths. The two best lures seem to be a white jig and minnow combination or a blue spinner and crawler combination. Our guests caught eater sized fish through the day but the bigger fish seemed to bite best in the mornings and evenings. Youngster Kaleb Schaller released a chunky 23 1/2″ walleye as Grandpa Jeff looked on. Dave Eggers released a beautiful 25″ walleye while fishing with buddies Rich and Larry Luhring. Doyle Robison released his 25″ beauty, Jeff Brunscheon caught and released a 25″ walleye with the expert guidance of his mentor Roger Luhring. Luke Kline came all the way from California to catch his 26″ trophy. Jack Murphy released his 27 1/2″ walleye with the proud admiration of dad Tim. Kurt Behnke was the man to beat this week in his gang, he released his 27 1/2″ walleye moments after he let his brother Ryan see what a big fish looks like, too bad so sad Ryan was really the “net boy” for his brother and father all week. I guess it proves what everyone always thought, Ryan needs to watch and learn from his brother from now on. 

Northern fishing was very good this week with plenty of trophy sized fish being caught. Some big fish were caught on the same live bait combinations that our guests used for walleyes and some of the big brutes were caught casting or trolling huge stick baits and tube baits. Kaitlyn Robison and her dad Jason came all the way from New Jersey to catch fish and spend time with other family members here at camp, Kaitlin caught a chunky 25″ northern and her dad Jason released a beautiful 27″ northern, great job. Jack Murphy used a Sandcat lure to catch his 36 1/2″ fish, cousins Kaleb Schall and Eli Gerber had an incredible week northern fishing here at camp. They are just youngsters but really caught on fast with the watchful guidance of grandparents Jeff and Karen. The boys had one Sandcat lure that seemed to catch fish faster than any other lure they trolled the lure and took turns reeling in the big monsters. They had one day when the caught and released a 40″, 39″, 38″, 2-36″, and a 34″ northern, those kinds of days you will never forget right boys? Mark Kline came from California to catch a giant northern but his best this week was a measly 39″ fish that was probably was blind in both eyes. Roger Lanie had the second biggest northern of the week, he managed to tangle a 41″ northern into the boat on his light walleye tackle. The big northern this week was caught by old timer Larry Luhring, he caught and released a giant 42″ fish that even son Rich was jealous of, let’s see if Larry can repeat his success this fall when he returns to camp without the expert knowledge of son Rich who will be home waiting for his second child to be born. Our bass fishing was spotty again this week with most fish being caught along the rocky shorelines and sunken islands. A crank bait or twister tail worked great along with the same spinner and crawler rig our guests used for walleyes. Jason Robison caught a 15″ beauty; camp legend Tom Benson got his name in the board when he expertly caught and released his 17″ beauty. This week the top bass was caught by one of our younger anglers, Eli Gerber released a beautiful 18″ trophy to fight another day, great job Eli, you and cousin Kaleb put plenty of smiles on the faces of Grandparents Jeff and Karen. We did have one decent crappie reported to us this week, once again that incredible Tom Benson caught a 13″ slab that impressed his gang. We had a very special anniversary celebrated here at camp this week, Larry and Karen Forbes celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, congratulations on such an incredible achievement. We continue to see heavy rain each week with the lake still high but manageable. We had to repair plenty of washouts on our road and driveway after a particularly heavy rain on Saturday as our guests were just settling into camp. Next week promises more wet weather and cool temperatures for our guests but fishing has stayed steady all season so we don’t anticipate any complaints😜 

Remember to get your license before you arrive at camp and make us a copy if possible or we can copy it here when you arrive. Our American guests cannot bring poultry products across the border so pick up what you need after you cross. The ArriveCAN app is working well and if you have questions just call and we will try and help you. I have decided that I am returning all of the deposits of our guests that couldn’t come this season because of the vaccination requirements instead of rolling the deposits over to next season. We have no way of knowing what will happen after this season and we have carried the deposits over for three seasons now. You will be receiving your checks soon and a brief letter explaining the reason for our decision. If the vaccine requirement changes or if you decide to get vaccinated then you can call and rebook your visit to camp if your spot is still available. We have been holding cabins in the 2023 season for our unvaccinated guests and simply can’t do it any longer knowing that the vaccination requirements may stay in place longer than we expected. That’s all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang 

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