Week 11, 2022 July 30th – August 5th

Another week has come and gone here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week eleven was a week full of storms and plenty of rain which we certainly don’t need. The lake is still higher than normal but is manageable for all our guests. Our guests survived wind, small hail, lightning and thunder, and torrential rain but still managed to put up very impressive numbers of trophy and eater sized fish. The walleye bite is still good on the edges of the deeper weed lines and we are beginning to see plenty of action on rock piles and gravel bars in the 20’ to 26’ depth. Once again, the number one presentation was a simple white jig and minnow combination or a spinner and minnow or night crawler combination. The two top colors for the spinners were blue or pink, with pink being the producer of the top walleye of the week. We had a few young anglers in camp this week and they caught just as much as the older “pros” in camp. Reid Obermeyer caught a 22 1/2” walleye, Evan Halla caught a 24 3/4” beauty. The older anglers had a good competition going all week, Leroy Bray released a 26” walleye, his wife Anita did him one better when she released a beautiful 27” fish. Bob Hampton caught a chunky 27” walleye but the big walleye of the week was skillfully brought to the boat by Angie Scribner, she used her pink spinner she personally picked out to teach her guide Bob what walleye fishing is all about, she landed a chunky 27 1/8” walleye. The northern fishing this week was as good as any week this season. Our guests used multiple ways to catch the toothy critters but the results were the same. One technique was a simple spinner rig with a minnow or crawler trolled sling the weed lines or over sunken rock piles. Another exciting way to catch the monsters was casting huge musky baits or medium sized cranks or tube baits. Color didn’t seem to be a big factor but the action of the bait was, a slow wobble or glide through the weed tops produced massive strikes that would cause your heart to skip a beat. Craig Jennings spent most of the week fishing Keynote Lake and he released a 32” slimmer, Lynn Scott released her biggest northern ever, a beautiful 34” trophy. Ann Peterson was stuck fishing with her husband Ron all week but she did manage to catch and release a chunky 37” northern. Andrew Halla released a 34” brute but his better half Jackie beat him by 1/2” when she hooked, landed, and released a beautiful 34 1/2” northern she caught right in front of our dock. Gene Katzung has been coming to camp since the Ice Age but still has what it takes to catch big fish, he released a 35 1/2” and a 37” brute, both of which he caught on spinner rigs he made himself. Pat Miller never fished before but with the helpful guidance of her friend Roger she skillfully landed and released a beautiful 37” northern. Geoff Bray was busy all week keeping a boat load of family members happy catching fish but he skillfully landed and released a hefty 38” northern. The biggest northern of the week was skillfully caught by rookie Micah Peterson, he is only 10 years old but his 40” monster was no match for his angling skills, he had uncle Todd and father Chad green with envy, great job Micah and since you released your trophy maybe Todd or Chad will have a chance to catch it next season😜. Our bass fishing was spotty this week with good numbers early then things slowed way down. Grub baits and cranks worked well along with top water lures. Laura Sager was new to camp but she put the hurt in partner Mike when she expertly landed and released a chunky 18 3/4” bass, Micah Peterson also released a trophy bass this week, his 18 1/2” brute was top bass in his cabin until his bubble was crushed by his dad Chad who had to catch and release a massive 20” bass, one if the biggest of this season, great job Chad especially since you beat brother Todd yet again. Our crappie fishing is starting to kick up again with some real nice fish being caught. Kenny Kremer and Ann Peterson both caught 13” slabs but special mention goes to Lynn Scott, she caught a beautiful 13 1/4” crappie but husband “slippery hands” Mark missed the fish basket and made an accidental release, I bet she is still reminding him of that day. Remember to get your fishing license before you arrive and print a copy for our records if you can or we can copy them here. Still a ban on most poultry products coming from the USA so pick up what you need after you cross, also no live bait allowed including night crawlers. That’s all for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang 

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