Week 13, 2023 August 12th – 18th

Here we are already past week 13 of our 2023 season. The super dry weather continues across our area with very little rain in the forecast. The lake continues to drop but we are managing things well at the dock and so far, our guests are getting around everywhere on the lake with very few issues. I am not having any camp fires at night right now and shore lunches should be done with camp stoves only. The fishing remains good despite the low water so that is one positive thing for sure. 

Walleye fishing was great in weedy bays as well as deeper open water areas in the 24’ depth. Plenty of trophy walleyes were released after being caught in large plastics and jig and minnow combinations in weeds areas in about 12’ of water. Large musky baits also caught big walleyes in the weeds every evening around sunset. Some of our guests also had great luck catching walleyes in areas around 24’ deep over sandy and rocky reefs, a jig and minnow worked well along with Rapala Jigging Raps. Tim Bruns released a 26” walleye that made mom and dad Venita and Bob proud of their little boy. Brandon Heuer is catching on to things here finally and he released a 26” and 27” walleye one evening, surprised his brother Nick and dad Jon for sure, maybe Nick could have caught a big walleye as well if he hadn’t dropped his pole over the side of the boat. Mike Lammers had great success fishing walleyes in areas close to camp, he fishes plastics over rocks and in thick weeds, he released a 27” and two 28” walleyes this week. Frank Cabelinski released a giant 28” walleye as well this week, his wife Sue was sure proud of Frank. Tim Wuethrich caught a 27″ walleye that he was excited to tell me about, Tim is a big fan of using Rapala Jigging Raps and has his technique down to a science. Marty Neihouser also caught and released a 28″ walleye this week, his 28″ was the first on the board so he technically wins big fish of the week, pure luck in his case for sure. 

Northern fishing saw plenty of trophies being caught and released. Many of the big brutes were caught casting weed lines and rocky humps using giant musky baits. Some of our guests also pulled big baits behind planer boards in deep open water and had great success. Venita Bruns still knows how to catch big fish, she released a pair of 36″ northern she caught while walleye fishing, very impressive. Nick Heuer managed to hang on to his pole long enough to catch and release a nice 36″ northern. Kristy Lammers found enough time between yoga workouts to release a chunky 38″ northern. Brandon Heuer tries his best to catch big pike and this week he released a giant 38″ northern and caught and released a beautiful silver pike that was 36″ long, very unusual to see this beautiful fish and rare to hook one. Mike Lammers has probably caught every giant northern in the lake at least twice over the last 40 years since it is possible because he catches tons of trophy fish, he released a 36″ a 39″ and a 40 1/2″ brute this week. Marty Neihouser never is one to brag but he was excited to tell me about the 41 1/2″ northern he released, too bad so sad it was edged out by his fishing buddy Tim. Tim Wuethrich was the big winner for the week he released a 40″ and 42″ monster pike to claim the free hat and head home with bragging rights for another year, I bet Marty will have ear plugs for the ride up with Tim next season. 

Bass fishing was spotty last week with a few giants and some nice mid-range fish. Bass were eager to hit top water baits early in the mornings over rock piles and along weedy shore lines. Mike Lammers released his 19″ bass that gave him a great fight. The biggest bass of the week was caught by Marty Neihouser, his 19 1/2″ bass was good enough to win him top honors for the week, not too shabby Marty. 

We had another big musky released this week. Tim Wuethrich was fishing top water baits for bass when he hooked a beautiful 44″ musky, plenty of skill involved getting a fish like that into the net on bass tackle. 

Next week looks like another serious group of fishermen so we should have plenty to talk about. Remember to get your license before arriving in camp and make us a copy if you can or I can copy it when you arrive. Dutchies General Store can fix you up with whatever you need. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is quickly becoming famous for its brisket sandwiches and their barbecue ribs, give them a visit while you’re staying with us. That’s all for now this is Jim from Wabaakang. 

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