Week 14, 2023 August 19th – 25th

Another week has flown by here at Jim and Julie’s Wabaskang Camp. Week 14 was a week of big fish and cool weather. Our guests enjoyed days in the 60’s and 70’s while everyone back home saw temps over 100 degrees, too bad.  We are still looking for some beneficial rains to come our way but any amount would be appreciated. The lake is very low but so far, our guests are managing to fish where they want and make it in and out of the dock by trimming their motor up as they come and go, we are down to 5 more weeks and then we can start wishing for plenty of snow this winter and lots of spring rain. I going to be careful for what I wish for after the crazy spring in 2022. 

Our guests caught plenty of giant northerns last week and many different baits were used. Some guests were casting or trolling large wood or Rubber baits in deep water over rocky or sandy humps and had great success. A Sandcat or a Bulldog we’re the top two baits to have. Many of our guests also released trophy northern they caught using a simple jig and minnow combination or a Lindy Rig. Doyle Brocka took a short break from all his socializing to catch and release a chunky 35″ fish, then back to socializing again for Doyle. Sherri Boevers released a beautiful 35″ northern to impress her hubby, Brian. Laura Lerum always puts the hammer down on hubby Rob and this season was no exception, she released a nice 36 1/2″ northern. “Modest Man” Tim Schaefer accidentally mentioned to me released a 36″ brute. Father and son combination Wayne and Tyler Hickok released a 35 1/2″ and 36 1/2″ respectively, great day on the water. Luke Brocka had a week of “babysitting” his big group of two aunts Thea and Vernette along with their husbands but he did manage to find time to release a trophy 38 1/2″ northern, see how being a helpful nephew pays off? Maybe Doyle should take a page out of your playbook and let your mom Ann read it to him since books without pictures are not his strong suit. Vernette Salge released a 35″ and 37″ northern, I bet she is still jabbering the ear off husband Don. Thea Wubbena released a 36″ and 37″ northern but her husband Stan didn’t seem all that eager to help her land the fish, maybe he is a bit jealous I am guessing. Travis Holm caught a fat 37″ pike. Brett Langfritz released his 40″ brute to fight another day, maybe next season you will catch that 42″ you’re after. The big pike champion this week was camp nuisance Allyn Harms, he spent a week showing off his skills playing corn-hole that rumor has it he practices solo in his shed at home, sad especially for wife Bev, but he did manage to catch and release a 37″ a 37 1/2″, and a monster 41″ northern to greedily claim the free hat for the week, I am sure he is wearing it right now while practicing corn-hole in his secret bunker. 

Walleye fishing was phenomenal this week with plenty of giants being caught and released. A jig and minnow were good as was a Lindy Rig tipped with a large minnow. The best depth seemed to be around 22′ most days. Open water trolling after dark also saw some nice walleyes caught using Sandcats or large crank baits. Susan Langfritz always has great fishing here; in fact, she even has a hot spot on the lake named after her. She released a 25 1/2” and 26” walleye this week. Jack Langfritz caught and released a chunky 27″ walleye, he sure was excited. Luke Brocka released a beautiful 28″ walleye; father Doyle was more jealous than proud I am guessing. Allyn Harms managed to snag and release a 28″ walleye this week but who really cares what the “Corn Hole King” caught. The big champ of the week was Jason Christensen, he released a 26″ a 26 1/2″ a 29″ and a pair of 29 3/4″ walleyes, Lindy Rigs and Jigging Raps were the ticket for his phenomenal week. He is the boat to follow next season. 

Bass fishing was slower last week but we still had some trophies released. Rocky shorelines produced some good fish early in the morning and later in the evening. Some of our guests even caught big bass while fishing the deeper water for walleyes. Sherri Boevers released her 18″ bass after a quick picture. Tim Schaefer was excited to report he released a beautiful 19″ bass but too bad so sad because his fish was dwarfed by Jack Langftitz, he released a giant 19 3/4″ bass that win him the free hat this week, great job Jack. 

Next week looks like cool temperatures a few chances for rain. Remember to have a clean and dry live well along with a clean boat and be sure the plug is out, there is real concern about invasive species entering Ontario waters so the border agents are doing their best to protect the resources we all enjoy. Grab your licenses before you arrive and make a copy for us or I can copy them when you arrive. Dutchies General Store can help with licensing and beverage and your grocery needs as well. The Whiskey Jack Restaurant is a for sure visit when you are in camp, they can let you take the night off from cooking and have mouthwatering items on the menu that are sure to impress, let Laura and Graham do the cooking. That’s about all the news for now, this is Jim from Wabaskang. 

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